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The Bridge III

Professional A/V and IT&C solutions

A modern office building must have flexible, technologically advanced work environments that are safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible. It must be able to accommodate the specific space and equipment needs of tenant companies. For these reasons, the developer of The Bridge office building complex has chosen to work with ELTEK Multimedia for installing and commissioning professional Audio-Video and IT&C solutions.

In the third office building, the video wall display system and digital signage player have the same features as the one previously installed in The Bridge II project.

Modern Workspace;
VideoWall display;
Solutions Services Equipment

As a specification for 2nd and 3rd office buildings should be mentioned the LCD screens in the elevator area, used for displaying tenant information. For good content visibility, the 65 '' NEC MultiSync displays (with built-in 4K player) allow the information to be displayed in "portrait" format.

Within the project ELTEK provided the following services:  


The systems and services provided by ELTEK meet international quality standards and have been in line with the requirements and needs of The Bridge I demonstrating, in addition to professionalism, great flexibility, and the ability to quickly adapt to various situations during this collaboration. The equipment installed in this project was from our partner: Sharp/NEC, Fujitsu.