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Modern Workspace in 2023

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide did a tremendous effort in maintaining business continuity while at the same time, ensuring their staff’s safety. This led to the biggest remote work experiment in history.
But as vaccinations rates are growing and the attitudes towards the work-from-home have evolved, employees are steadily returning back to office to a new hybrid model of employment.

A recent study from Skanska revealed that in Romania, 51% of the people interviewed are going to office every day compared to the 38% that were going in March 2020, during the first wave. Among the quoted reasons for wanting to return were: the lack of a clear separation between the personal and professional life, monotony and the absence of equipment and infrastructure available at the office. The main drive, though is the need for the mental comfort provided by a workplace through the opportunity of collaborating closely in a team, communicating and maintaining effectiveness and creativity.

A safe return to a changing office

In order to implement the new flexible arrangement in which employees will combine onsite and offsite work, the companies must ensure that they will feel safe the moment they step into the building. Not only this will require a clear vision, agility and adaptability in the next period, but also speeding up the process of digitalization:
• Creating the collaborative work infrastructure to allow employees to communicate easily regardless of their location;
• Solutions for quick and efficient information;
• Solutions for providing a desk management tool, as most probably offices will start decreasing in size for operational costs reduction purposes – employees will need to know when they can come to the office and find a place to work;
• Proactively support social distancing through the right sensors that can analyze and monitor the occupancy level – and then guide the people in the office to the free spaces they need;
• Healthier buildings through the implementation of safety and security tools like: sensors for better air quality, facial temperature recognition, room temperature control and visitor management.

ELTEK Multimedia provides the right solutions for the “new normal”

Our Solutions

Information Systems -Digital Signage

Efficient information and communication are key elements for driving business further. But as minimal contact is still required, there are other ways to address your colleagues. Enter digital signage.
We offer a dynamic and interactive way of sharing your message through our vast collections of visual devices from respected producers like Sharp/NECLGAbsen..
Creating, scheduling, managing and distributing your content is done by our recommended out-of-the-box software package, PADS4.

Ocupation Information

An overcrowded office is not a safe office. Adding IoT solutions like sensors and LEDs to your building enhances not only the clear overview of your space’s occupancy, it also accelerates the search for an available space.
The sensor management solutions of the PADS4 IoT module make sure you always have the most accurate information regarding the occupation.


With wayfinding signage, your workforce can have a positive experience by viewing interactive maps and turn-by-turn directions detailing the locations of their colleagues and available workspaces throughout the office. Implementing wayfinding is especially important, as companies will welcome again visitors or will be focused on growing by adding new employees, which need guidance in their new surroundings.
Our solution is composed of information kiosks integrated with the Wayfinding Module software from PADS4.

Room Management

Managing meeting room and corporate facilities usage is as important as ever. With the PADS4 Room Management platform you can get real-time control with smart booking solutions that integrate with the other signage components.
With similar features, but with dedicated software you can also opt for room booking systems (CrestronEvokoKramer) that will keep your employees updated on availability of rooms and their overview of usage.

Sound Masking

With inconsistent and disruptive acoustics because of increasing returns of onsite employees and the installation of more acoustically reflective surfaces, sound masking helps by introducing a consistent level of background sound (also called white noise) to reduce noise distraction, increase speech privacy and increase employee comfort and productivity.
Workers can still collaborate with their neighbours, but are no longer being affected by the conversations on the other side of the office.

Desk Management

By better understanding the occupancy rates and peaks, you can let go of the traditional setting where everyone has their own desk. Shared desks make efficient use of the space and help you create an optimized environment leading to better cost management.
Whether you choose a reservation based-concept or you decide to have all the desks-free to use when people need it, PADS4 desk management platform can give your employees your necessary booking app. We also recommend dedicated hardware devices.


Employees, clients and partners must be empowered to communicate efficiently, regardless of their workplace. From complete setups for a meeting room to the latest Unified Communications gadgets, our solutions can support the most popular video-conferencing platforms like: Microsoft TeamsZoomPexipCisco and Google Meet.

Turnkey projects

Our team offers complete solutions by providing the following services before, during and after the implementation process: Consultancy, Design, Procurement, Installation, Systems Integration and Maintenance and Technical Support.

We have also the capacity to integrate the solutions with building management systems like: electrical infrastructure, HVAC, data servers, security systems and fire detection systems.The solutions that will help you return to your office in a safe manner can be tested in our showroom in different workplace environments and applications.