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Smart Board&Google Meet

Educatie prin entertainment

Va lipseste prezenta in fata salii de clasa? Realizati conexiuni mai stranse, indiferent de distanta, utilizand aplicatia Google Meet pe tabla interactiva SMART Board® pentru experiente de invatare cu adevarat antrenante.

Google Meet e acolo cand ai nevoie, dar predarea unei lectii via videoconferinta poate fi uneori haotica! Stiati ca tabla interactiva Smart board va poate ajuta? Conectati-va cu elevii si mentineti-i implicati, indiferent ca sunt in sala de clasa, la distanta sau in ambele locatii!

Predati lectiile utilizand instrumente si fluxuri de lucru cu care sunteti obisnuiti precum stiloul, cerneala, atingerea sau folosirea de gesturi in loc sa va limitati la mouse-ul computerului- tabla dvs interactiva SMART Board va furnizeaza sentimentul natural al predarii de zi cu zi, chiar si in mediul virtual.

Stai, pot face videoconferinta pe tabla mea interactiva SMART Board?

Desigur! Conectati orice computer Windows PC, iOS sau dispozitiv Chrome la tabla dvs interactiva SMART Board pentru o experienta calitativa in distribuirea de ecrane, fisiere audio si video prin aplicatia Google Meet. Folositi instrumentele de invatare disponibile in functia de Distribuire ecran de pe tabla SMART Board, distribuiti pagini web si alte aplicatii catre elevi, in timp ce ei va privesc cum scrieti si adnotati in timp real!
Galeriile afiseaza elevii participanti la calitate inalta pe tabla interactiva SMART Board, si va ajuta sa va conectati mai bine la elevii aflati la distanta. Fiecare pixel conteaza pentru a vedea cat mai clar elevii.

Our Solutions

Information Systems -Digital Signage

Efficient information and communication are key elements for driving business further. But as minimal contact is still required, there are other ways to address your colleagues. Enter digital signage.
We offer a dynamic and interactive way of sharing your message through our vast collections of visual devices from respected producers like Sharp/NECLGAbsen..
Creating, scheduling, managing and distributing your content is done by our recommended out-of-the-box software package, PADS4.

Ocupation Information

An overcrowded office is not a safe office. Adding IoT solutions like sensors and LEDs to your building enhances not only the clear overview of your space’s occupancy, it also accelerates the search for an available space.
The sensor management solutions of the PADS4 IoT module make sure you always have the most accurate information regarding the occupation.

Turnkey projects

Our team offers complete solutions by providing the following services before, during and after the implementation process: Consultancy, Design, Procurement, Installation, Systems Integration and Maintenance and Technical Support.

We have also the capacity to integrate the solutions with building management systems like: electrical infrastructure, HVAC, data servers, security systems and fire detection systems.The solutions that will help you return to your office in a safe manner can be tested in our showroom in different workplace environments and applications.