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Electronic voting systems

The plenary sessions represent the context in which the deputies participate in the decision-making process and express their points of view. And the activity is especially focused on debates and votes. Unlike votes, which do not require much time, debates can last for several hours, depending on the number of deputies to intervene. And for all this to take place in optimal conditions, professional equipment is needed.

For this purpose, the Plenary Hall of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament was equipped with an integrated conference system, an electronic voting system, simultaneous translation, and AV & data communications systems, consisting of 512 consoles with electronic voting, 17 consoles for translation in 8 languages, videowall with 12 Full HD displays, an LCD touchscreen monitor and IT infrastructure. It is the largest and most complex conference system in Romania.

Electronic voting system;
Conference system;
Simultaneous translation system.
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The entire system benefits from customized functions, the interface being adapted in Romanian. Considering the scope of the project, the system had a very short implementation window (only 45 days), the works being carried out mainly during the night, as the Plenary Hall was in use during the day.

Shure conferencing systems keep pace with ever-changing logistics and requirements, providing audio quality and scalability to meet the requirements of installed applications. In line with the needs of the plenary address, the integrated conference system - consisting of Shure/DIS equipment - guarantees high-quality audio levels and a stable signal. Plenary sessions now benefit from clarity throughout their entire length.

The system installed here involves the expression of votes using units equipped with voting buttons, the president being able to view the total votes on the display of the conference unit or on a media control system. 

With an emphasis on technical quality, the simultaneous translation system implemented by ELTEK engineers includes 17 Shure/DIS consoles for translation into 8 languages. The professional multi-channel console for simultaneous interpretation offers complete interpretation facilities and is fully compliant with the recommendations of modern interpretation equipment.

As for the display, a solution for the future has been chosen, in accordance with the impressive size of the plenary hall. Here, the ELTEK team installed a video wall system consisting of 12 full HD screens. The new technology had to ensure a perfect view as well as a low cost of long-term ownership.

Within the project ELTEK provided the following services:  


The systems and services provided by ELTEK meet international quality standards and have been in line with the requirements and needs of the Chamber of Deputies, demonstrating, in addition to professionalism, great flexibility, and the ability to quickly adapt to various situations during this collaboration. The equipment installed in this project was from our partner: Shure/DIS, Eyevis and Fujitsu.